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Do you need help building a new web application?

Hi, I'm

Thilo Rusche, software developer and technology expert

based in Dublin, Ireland. I help startup founders build web applications, from concept to launch. Got an idea for one?
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These are the primary services I offer:

  • Roadmapping Sessions to define a clear path for your product to launch and beyond
  • UI/UX Wireframing to specify in detail how users will interact with your application
  • Minimum Viable Product development in Ruby on Rails
  • Project Maintenance for existing Ruby on Rails applications
  • CTO for Hire to help you build your initial product and team

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Two decades of industry experience at your service.

After twenty years of professional software development for startups in such diverse areas as banking, text messaging, politics, travel and logistics, I have a track record of creating quality commercial web applications. For the past decade, I have been the technical co-founder and CTO of several early stage startups in the US and Ireland.

I engaged Thilo for an audit of an early prototype that was not meeting expectations, and he ended up rebuilding it from scratch into a launch-ready product in record time. [...] Don't miss the chance to work with him.
Albert J. Angel Founder & Chairman, CertiCall LLC
Thilo's ability to quickly take our early-stage company's technology from zero to hero set the stage for us to become a 65-person, profitable company. He's more than just a world-class developer: he helped us foresee what we'd need before we knew we'd need it.
John Horton President & CEO, LegitScript LLC
I’ve partnered with Thilo in three startups. He’s the guy I bring in as CTO or Chief Architect whenever I need a custom platform for transaction or e-commerce processing that includes global enterprise functionality. From backend to frontend, he can build it and make it robust and reliable.
Bill Peters Co-Founder & CFO, Mobile 365 Inc.
Thilo has consistently delivered robust and reliable solutions, and we’ve been outage-free for nearly 6 years.
Peter Kramer Founder, Travel Mobile LLC

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If you would like to have an initial conversation about collaborating, you can just email me at Please include a brief outline of project and how you think I can add value, and we'll take it from there. I will get back to you within a day even if I'm not available at the moment.

Or if you really prefer, you can fill out this form:

If you want to do your research first...

...allow me to give you a head start. Here are a few places around the web where I've left a bit of a professional trail over the years:


In my profile you'll find my full work history, educational background, and details of the startups I co-founded.


I maintain an open source project for logging API requests, and have some other stuff in my public Github account.


I like helping out developers with questions around Ruby on Rails. It's a nice way to give back to the community.

Also, Twitter.

Join me at First Fridays for Startups!

If you happen to be in Dublin, you can book a free 25 minute mentoring session with me at First Fridays for Startups, hosted by the wonderful folks at Dogpatch Labs. If you're a startup founder, or thinking about becoming one, this is a monthly event worth attending even without talking with me. See you there!