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SourceWorks is a consultancy for software planning and development. We help startups and established businesses with building web applications from the ground up and guiding them to a successful launch and beyond.

Expert support in all phases of your project's life cycle.

We help you with every step of the way from napkin sketch to product launch. Pick and choose from our services, or let us take care of everything - whatever fits your needs.


Don't know where to start? That's what a roadmap is for. It's your plan of action, and we can put it together with you. We take the time to fully understand your goals, and break them down into small, actionable, prioritized items. This essential step lays the groundwork for tracking progress throughout the software life cycle.


You have a roadmap, but what about the end result? What do you expect it to look like? What's the definition of "done"? The roadmap covers part of that. The next step is to create detailed wireframes and designs of the major software components. So we're all on the same page.


Armed with a roadmap and wireframes, we can now design and build your product in rapid increments which are continuously available for your review and feedback. You'll be able to watch and guide your project grow towards launch.


In the cloud or on your dedicated hardware, we deploy and monitor your web application for optimal performance, security and availability. We set up monitoring, track usage, and keep all software up to date to keep up with rapidly advancing technology.

Technical Audits

Do you know if your system will scale with growing demand? Does your code quality pose a risk once you hit that growth phase? Is your web application truly secure against common attacks? What are your single points of failure? We can perform a comprehensive audit and make recommendations for reducing risk across the board.

Project Rescue

We're also pretty good at salvaging projects that have gone off the rails. If you find yourself stuck with an unresponsive developer, a forever half-finished website, the same bugs reappearing together with new ones, multiple blown deadlines, or all of the above - we've seen it before, and we can (probably) fix it.

Hi, I'm Thilo, founder and owner of SourceWorks. I have helped startups succeed with technology for almost two decades, as early stage employee, consultant, and co-founder. Let me help you turn your idea into a successful business.
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Thilo's ability to quickly take our early-stage company's technology from zero to hero set the stage for us to become a 65-person, profitable company. He's more than just a world-class developer: he helped us foresee what we'd need before we knew we'd need it.
John Horton
President & CEO, LegitScript
(clients include Google, Microsoft, VISA)
Since 2001, I’ve partnered with Thilo in three startups. He’s the guy I bring in as CTO or Chief Architect whenever I need a custom platform for transaction or e-commerce processing that includes global enterprise functionality. From backend to frontend, he can build it and make it robust and reliable. Highly recommended!
Bill Peters
Co-Founder, InphoMatch
(a.k.a. Mobile365 Sybase SAP)

Peace of mind for your investment.

From kickoff meeting to finished product, we continuously deliver solutions that provide value and stand on their own. The roadmap session provides you with an actionable, documented way forward. The design phase produces a blueprint you can share with potential investors, customers or external design agencies. The development cycles deliver a working product early in the process before refining it in subsequent releases. Deployment is fully automated and documented so that we can hand it over to your team on a moment's notice.

At any point in the project, you can take your business somewhere else with minimum friction and no loss of investment. We're confident that you will never want to.

The latest musings and opinions from our blog:

Internationalization as Content Management

August 27, 2016 by Thilo

Modern web development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails support internationalization (commonly abbreviated as “i18n”) out of the box. The primary purpose is the ability to offer multiple language versions of the same content. However, even if your web application does not require this, i18n can be used to good effect for content management.

POC, Prototype, MVP, WTH?

August 16, 2016 by Thilo

The terms “proof of concept”, “prototype” and “minimum viable product” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings, and are used to achieve different goals. They also tend to have quite different levels of time and effort associated with them – potential order-of-magnitude differences that can make or break your project, depending on your expectations and how they align with those of your business and technology partners.

Hello World, We Are SourceWorks!

August 10, 2016 by Thilo

SourceWorks is a Dublin-based consultancy for software development, specializing in web applications and helping startups and established businesses get from idea to live product. We’re passionate experts in technology and in startups, and we love making one work for the other and helping new ventures succeed.

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