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Hi, I'm Thilo Rusche, a software consultant based in Dublin, Ireland. I help entrepreneurs plan, design and build web and mobile applications from scratch.
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Got a business idea for a website or mobile app but not the first clue how to get started with the tech? I can help you with that. These are some of the services I offer:

  • Discovery answers your most basic questions and recommend next steps
  • Roadmapping creates a detailed and actionable plan to product launch and beyond
  • Technical Design captures and communicates your vision to designers and developers
  • Troubleshooting, audits and maintenance for Ruby on Rails applications
  • CTO for Hire provides temporary, in depth support for you

All are available as fixed-price packages.

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Two decades of industry experience, at your service.

I've been developing software professionally for twenty years, almost exclusively in and for startups. My experience building web applications spans such diverse fields as banking, text messaging, politics, telephony, fundraising, ecommerce and logistics.

For the past decade and more, I've acted as the technical co-founder and CTO of multiple early stage startups in the US and Ireland.

Here's what some of my colleagues and clients kindly had to say:

I engaged Thilo for an audit of an early prototype that was not meeting expectations, and he ended up rebuilding it from scratch into a launch-ready product in record time. [...] Don't miss the chance to work with him.
Albert J. Angel Founder & Chairman, CertiCall LLC
Thilo's ability to quickly take our early-stage company's technology from zero to hero set the stage for us to become a 65-person, profitable company. He's more than just a world-class developer: he helped us foresee what we'd need before we knew we'd need it.
John Horton President & CEO, LegitScript LLC
I’ve partnered with Thilo in three startups. He’s the guy I bring in as CTO or Chief Architect whenever I need a custom platform for transaction or e-commerce processing that includes global enterprise functionality. From backend to frontend, he can build it and make it robust and reliable.
Bill Peters Co-Founder & CFO, Mobile 365 Inc.
Thilo has consistently delivered robust and reliable solutions, and we’ve been outage-free for nearly 6 years.
Peter Kramer Founder, Travel Mobile LLC

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If you would like to have an initial conversation about collaborating, you can just email me at Please include a brief outline of project and how you think I can add value, and we'll take it from there. I will get back to you within a day even if I'm not available at the moment.

Or if you really prefer, you can fill out this form:

If you want to do your research first...

...allow me to give you a head start. Here are a few places around the web where I've left a bit of a professional trail over the years:


In my profile you'll find my full work history, educational background, and details of the startups I co-founded.


I maintain an open source project for logging API requests, and have some other stuff in my public Github account.


I like helping out developers with questions around Ruby on Rails. It's a nice way to give back to the community.

Also, Twitter.

Join me at First Fridays for Startups!

If you happen to be in Dublin, you can book a free 25 minute mentoring session with me at First Fridays for Startups, hosted by the wonderful folks at Dogpatch Labs. If you're a startup founder, or thinking about becoming one, this is a monthly event worth attending even without talking with me. See you there!