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Hello, I'm Thilo. I help non-technical startup founders build and launch their MVP. Go from idea to live product in weeks, with confidence and control.
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Software development can seem like a daunting challenge without a technical co-founder. Where do you even start? What can you expect for your budget? Is your schedule realistic? Are you wasting time and money on an unresponsive developer or a product not fit for purpose?

What if you could get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) built and launched in a few weeks instead of months? Watch it grow before your eyes and be confident that it stays on track? Avoid common mistakes and stay in control of your investment?

I'll plan, build and launch your first product with you.

Successful software development requires a shared understanding of your business goals and priorities between you and your technical team. This is where many freelancers and even some experienced agenies fall short.

When we build your product together, we'll start with a deep dive into your business goals to develop this shared understanding. Then we will use modern tools and procedures to stay on the same page throughout the project, in real time. With this approach, you will:

  • Start with a solid roadmap and a well-documented plan for execution
  • Protect yourself from runaway cost through staged, fixed-price deliverables
  • Stay on top of progress through frequent reviews of well-defined milestones
  • Keep control of your business with full ownership of all deliverables and tools
  • Go live with your MVP within weeks of project kickoff

Two decades of industry experience at your service.

I've been developing software professionally for over twenty years, exclusively for and with startups and other small and new organisations of all stripes. My hands-on experience spans such diverse fields as banking, text messaging, politics, telephony, fundraising, e-commerce, and logistics.

For the past decade or so, I've been technical co-founder and CTO of multiple early stage startups in the US and Ireland.

Here's what some of my colleagues and clients kindly had to say:

I engaged Thilo for an audit of an early prototype that was not meeting expectations, and he ended up rebuilding it from scratch into a launch-ready product in record time.

Albert J. Angel Founder & Chairman, CertiCall LLC

Thilo's ability to quickly take our early-stage company's technology from zero to hero set the stage for us to become a 65-person, profitable company. He's more than just a world-class developer: he helped us foresee what we'd need before we knew we'd need it.

John Horton President & CEO, LegitScript LLC

I've partnered with Thilo in three startups. He's the guy I bring in as CTO or Chief Architect whenever I need a custom platform for transaction or e-commerce processing that includes global enterprise functionality. From backend to frontend, he can build it and make it robust and reliable. Highly recommended!

Bill Peters Co-Founder & CFO, Mobile 365 Inc.

Thilo has consistently delivered robust and reliable solutions, and we’ve been outage-free for nearly 6 years.

Peter Kramer Founder, Travel Mobile LLC

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