I help you to plan and execute your software project, regardless of what stage you're at.

I offer some of my services as predictable, fixed-price packages. If you have specific needs that don't fit nicely into one of these offerings, we can discuss a more customized collaboration.


Strategy Session

If you're at the very beginning of your journey, this initial strategy conversation will answer some of the basic questions you're likely to have, such as: Is this even possible? What do I need to know and do to get started? What are common mistakes and how do I avoid them? Where do I find the right developers? How long will this take, and what will it cost? What are the pros and cons of certain technologies?

After the session, I'll prepare an executive summary report with options and recommendations for your next steps.

One hour call €400
Two hour call €750
Four hour in person session €1,400
(All packages include a summary report)


A roadmapping session is a deep dive into your business idea with the goal of creating a concrete plan for execution. It can follow a discover session or incorporate it. We'll analyse and capture the individual user stories that make up your application, order and prioritise them to determine your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), attach at least broad estimates of time and resources to each, and elaborate on risks and dependencies.

The result is an accessible, visual, big picture plan for executing your business strategy, made up of individual units of work that are ready for design, cost estimates, and ultimately implementation.

Roadmaps start at €3,500
Technical Design

Technical Design

A first complete pass at designing the user interface and system architecture of your product. The goal at this stage is not a fully polished look and feel, but to illustrate each user screen and all flows of data through your system in enough detail to estimate costs and begin development.

You will end up with a set of detailed, annotated wireframes and system diagrams that cover the primary user journeys through your app. These wireframes get all stakeholders literally on the same page, and you can take them to any visual designer for the final spit and polish, while simultaneously starting MVP development with your own or a contracted development team.

Usually 2-5 days, at €1,250/day
Ruby on Rails Maintenance

Audits, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Do you have an existing Ruby on Rails web application but nobody to take care of it? Has your project gone off the Rails in some form (pardon the pun)? Let me help!

I will analyse your trouble spots, perform security, performance and quality audits of your codebase, fix minor bugs, monitor for security updates and resource consumption, and generally provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on your business instead of worrying about technology.

Depending on scope, €1,500-3,000/month
One-time audits €2,500
CTO for Hire

CTO for Hire

Are you looking for ongoing technical guidance as you build your product, team and company? I'll join you as your virtual CTO to provide either strategic guidance or hands-on technical assistance to get things started: creating the product roadmap, designing the user experience, making critical technology decision, setting up the required infrastructure, screening and interviewing technical staff, and kicking off MVP development.

If required, I can brush off my tie and serve as the technical face of your business for fundraising and sales purposes for the duration.

Strategic guidance (part-time) or hands-on (full-time): Price on enquiry
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